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Green Economy to host EV webinar

  • Tuesday, August 22, 2023
  • Posted By The Growth Company


Date/Time: Tuesday 12th September, 12pm -1pm

Location: Online

Cost: Free


Are you considering the transition to EVs for your business but are unsure of what’s involved?

Bee Net Zero partner Green Economy are bringing together a panel of experts will discuss the opportunity that EV and associated technologies can bring to your Greater Manchester organisation.

To tie in with world EV Day on September 9 and to coincide with Bee Net Zero's up and coming EV focus, Green Economy are helping to demystify the tech that will soon change the way we drive forever.


Why EVs?

From 2030, The UK Government will be phasing out the sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles making the shift towards hybrid and electric vehicles inevitable for many of us.

Transport accounted for 34 per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions in 2022, with the majority of these emissions coming from road transport.

EVs generate less tailpipe emissions than their petrol and diesel counterparts, contribute to better air quality within city centres, and can boost the green credentials of organisations looking to electrify their fleet.


What will the webinar involve?

In this webinar, a panel of experts will discuss the opportunity that EVs and associated technologies can bring to your business including the benefits and expected costs, anticipated return on investment, and some of the things to consider when making the transition to electric vehicles.


Joining the panel will be a business that has electrified its fleet, offering first-hand advice and insights from the experience.


This webinar will conclude with a live Q&A, giving you the opportunity to ask the experts your EV questions. 



Ashley Hulme, Green Economy (Chair)

Dave Lavery, Business Development Manager, EVC Group

Marc McLoughlin, Managing Director, Greenarc

Paul Martin, Chief Executive Officer, Totally Charged


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