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How to find a trusted solar provider in Greater Manchester

  • Thursday, June 8, 2023
  • Posted By The Growth Company

Investing in solar PV has many advantages to a business, it can help you save on energy bills, help you to reach net zero targets and increase business independence by removing your dependence on energy suppliers.

However, as we all know by now, the cost of initially putting in solar PV is significant. Despite the fact the technology will pay for itself within five to seven years based on energy savings alone (maybe even sooner if energy prices keep rising), the initial outlay is still a concern for businesses. Therefore, as with any significant project, it’s vital that your business finds a supplier you can trust to deliver your solar PV at the right price and who will do the best job possible.

Finding a trusted supplier is one of the most significant barriers for businesses adopting green tech. As with any new technology take-up, everyone wants a piece of the action, and everyone claims to be an expert.

So, how can you find a trusted, local supplier to install solar panels in the Greater Manchester area?


Use the Green Economy Marketplace

The first place any Greater Manchester-based business should start when they wish to install green tech of any kind, whether that’s solar panels, heat pumps or anything in between, is by checking Green Economy’s Marketplace. Bee Net Zero partner Green Economy aims to increase confidence and access to green tech to help accelerate the adoption of net zero solutions. To simplify the process they’ve created an online marketplace which lists trusted, accredited suppliers in the Greater Manchester area. The marketplace showcases the installers, tradespeople, providers, designers, suppliers and manufacturers of technologies and services in one single network.


Green Economy are also on hand to offer advice and support to Greater Manchester businesses looking to adopt green tech. At Green Economy, we're helping to demystify these technologies and provide assurance to businesses that they're investing wisely, whilst introducing suppliers that can meet their specific requirements. They offer bespoke support to businesses at all stages of the journey to net zero.


Check their certifications

To make sure you’re getting a trusted solar pv installer, it’s important to look at their certifications and use this to inform your decision. Certifications are a mark of quality and ensure the reliability of both the products used and the installation company. For example, it’s important to employ the services of an MCS-certified (or equivalent) solar installer. MCS is an industry-led quality assurance scheme, which demonstrates the quality and reliability of approved products and installation companies. Being MCS certified demonstrates that installation companies work to the industry-expected level of quality every time and provide consumer protection as it's a mark of quality. 


Compare prices

It’s always recommended that you ask at least three different certified suppliers for quotes to install your solar PV to ensure you’re getting the best price. A single quote could mean you’re overcharged whereas comparing quotes will ensure you’re confident that you’re getting a competitive price. It’s also helpful to speak to different suppliers to ensure you’re getting the right kind of solar PV for your business, not just the cheapest available.


Compare experience

When installing solar PV, experience is never a bad thing. When talking to suppliers it won’t hurt to ask how long they’ve been installing solar panels and how much specific experience they have. This doesn’t have to be an interrogation, more a friendly chat, but it can give your business confidence that you’re hiring someone with a working knowledge that can get the job done.


Look at reviews

In the world of social media and online reviews, it makes sense to use them to make an informed decision. With websites like Trustpilot or even Google reviews, it’s easier than ever to gain an understanding of a company’s reputation. Taking some time to read through company reviews will help you to find a trusted installer, following the advice of previous customers with first-hand experience.


Check installation insurance and product warranties

 It’s important that you prepare for all eventualities when making a big investment like installing solar PV. Solar installers should be covered by several types of insurance but it’s always worth checking this before work starts. The most important is Public Liability Insurance as it ensures any damage caused to your property during installation will be covered.


Alongside this, the company installing your solar panels will usually offer two separate warranties. One which covers the product itself and one which covers the workmanship. Before going ahead with any installation, always check out the warranties and guarantees; they can vary from installer to installer but generally cover the work for 5 to 10 years and the panels for 20 to 25 years.


If you’re ready to install solar PV for your business and get started on energy savings in time for the winter, contact Green Economy to be connected with a trusted local supplier.


To learn more about solar, visit our dedicated Switching to Solar page with guides from Bee Net Zero Partners Electricity North West, Green Economy and more.


To learn more about how the Bee Net Zero partnership can help your Greater Manchester business on the journey to net zero, no matter what stage you’re currently at, contact us and start a conversation.